MLS New Year's Contest Entries

In Alphabetic Order.

Thanks rkapuaala for having this great idea.

Folks this is it on Entries. Now is judgement week. Remember:

  • Even if you entered a figure, you can judge, you just can't judge your own.
  • The only people excluded from judging are Jack and myself.
  • Judges have to use a 10 point judging system. No negative points
  • You can judge 1 or all of the entries
  • You must include the name of the entry, the points you are giving the entry and a brief (or long) explanation on why you think this person deserves those points.
  • Judging will be conducted over a 7 day period and Jack and I will tally the points, deducted any from entries that don't meet the guidelines discussed previously and announce the first and second place winners 4 days after the judging stops.
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Christmas Engagement on Park Bench

Gift giving and sharing are Christmas traditions. This engagement offers both, sharing a tender moment and a gift ready to be given.

The figures are 1:24 scale constructed in the Chris Walas method using an aluminum foil armiture. The initial layer of Sculpy clay is a mixture of Premo and Bake and Bend Sculpy. This allows for any necessary repositioning of the base figure( in particular the mans arm on the back of the bench and around the womans shoulders) prior to final sculpting.

The blanket is made from Bake and Bend Sculpy once again allowing for maximum flexibility without breaking. The texture of the blanket is applied by rolling a thin layer of clay between 2 pieces of wet cloth to transfer the texture to both sides. Using wet cloth allows seperation of the clay after rolling without it sticking to the cloth.

The pattern on the dress is achieved by first painting the base color - in this case antique rose - then, after the base layer has dried, stippling it with antique parchment paint using a stiff brush.

The fur texture on the Santa hat is produced by picking the clay surface with a needle or dentist tool.

Thanks for the challenge which provides the opportunity to play and stretch the imagination a little further.



Have not had time to do anything new as yet for this challange so here is a picture from one I did a while back. It was done as part of the Chris Walas instructed efforts using the aluminum armiture and Sculpy clay. The glasses were formed from gold wire I got at the hardware store. Santa is posing for a send off picture as he gets ready to reinstitute the rails to deliver packages. Global warming has reduced the snowfall thus limiting the effectiveness of his reindeer this year.


Here are some pics of my figure and it's model. The pics of the figure were taken at the end of the week just before the priming. As you will see , I checked with one of Mike Pflub's ''Fine Folks'' figure for proportions and if I was really 1.20..... Now I am more than a bit anguished at the thought of painting.... aouch!!!

I love rock music and like a lot of guys , I crank up the volume and I play 'air guitar' on the tunes, sometime ......hum,.... oh yes ..... in front of a mirror..... So the concept is simple; MIRROR, MIRROR , WHO IS THE BEST 'AIR GUITAR' PLAYER ?....... I hope that It doesn't sound too pretentious, just a bit silly......

Gaétan's model, Gaétan:

Gene Walker

"Thought I'd better get my entry in while I was thinking about it.

Wee Willy goes in the self portrait category. He was built using the Chris Walas technique, meaning Sculpy over an aluminum foil armature. incidently, it takes a lot of baking for a figure this size. And the Brian Fayles painting method. I've includes an image of the prototype for comparision. Willy's beard is better trimmed and his belly is smaller but, he's a fair likeness.

Over on the forum, Michael Mott showed a few pictures of his developing 30mm 1/10 scale models and that inspired me to build Willy in 1/10.

And here's me:


I finally got around to making an engineer and fireman for my Bachmann Climax. The engineer's name is Matt and the fireman's is Casey. Don't ask me why, it just seemed right at the time they were being finished. The heads (faces) seem to have a mind of their own while I'm trying to shape something that wouldn't scare the heck out of everyone.

You'll notice the feet aren't complete, as I had to be able to maneuver them into place. I did notice the seats in the Climax were awfully high, so I removed and then lowered them. I think they are still a bit too high for scale, but the figures were already mostly built, so I sort of fudged a little on that.

I also didn't go into a lot of detail, as most of it would never be seen, and I'm not very good at it anyway. At least it isn't a runaway train with no one in it any more!

Back view. The engineer may seem a little small, but he is a feisty ole cuss!

Matt Vogt

I finally got enough time away from the hospital (Dad's surgery) and work to post these. I'm grateul for the extensions.

My nine-year-old daughter suggested a while back that she would like it if I made a sculpture of the two of us. She loves to fish, so I thought that could be the subject. I had no idea how small her head would be in 1:20.3! Anyway, last night (before the pictures were taken, of course) my seven-year-old broke the cane pole I had carved out of butternut. I figured if I waited until I carved another it would never get posted, so instead I am holding a broken stick in our picture. I told her that it was a fantasy scene, not just because we were wearing turn of the century clothes, but because she was worming her own hook, something she has never done.

I kept hoping it would get warm enough to take the pic at the neighbor's pond, but that never happened.

These two would never have been born if it weren't for the time Chris Walas took to post his instructions.

Rick Raively

As a child I always enjoyed watching the TV Christmas shows. For some reason Charlie Brown felt like a brother and he has a great dog. So that is why I did Snoopy and Woodstock. I'll work on a "Rick Claus" after the sheet rock is finished. Thanks Rick R.

Christmas Carolers

"You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town."

I used the Chris Walas method to make these with aluminum foil armatures and dark blue Premo clay. I painted them with acrylic paint. Their song sheets are bits of paper glued into their hands. My main clayworking tool is a darning needle and I used that to make all the fine details of hair and mother's dress. I have a round pointed tool I use to make larger details like clothing folds and wrinkles.

For the mother, I started with the regular armature with 2 legs, then covered her legs with crumpled aluminum foil to bulk up the dress. I covered the foil with a fairly thick layer of clay and baked it hard to provide a firm base as I sculpt the details of the dress.

For children's proportions, I figure the length of their legs to be the length of their bodies to the shoulders, and make their arms long enough to reach their hips. I thought the little girl's coat and snow pants would be bulkier, so I left her arm a little longer. I originally thought she'd have curly hair, but I couldn't get the look right. I liked how the mother's hair plays around her shoulders, so I just added the scarf for headwear.

If you're wondering which is me, I think it would be the little brother, because of his attitude. I couldn't be the dad 'cause I don't have a mustache. Actually, I like to sing, so I might not have been excluding myself from the group.

Since these are in 1/29th, the adults are between 2 and 2 1/2 inches tall and the children are less than 2 inches.

I thought of the 4 people scene before reading the "3 figures" part of the rules

Whose birthday is it, anyhow?

These are 1/29th scale using the Walas method. They're made of dark blue Premo except for the manger that's made of toothpicks. The present is made of Premo too.

The Monday Evening figure class had a assignment to make a Santa Clause 2 years ago and this was my homework.


Well, I guess I had better put in one of my figures! I know most of you have forgotten about me, but I have just been busy! I will also post one that I have already done and try to get a new one too!

So here is my first entry! It was made out of sculpy! Using basically the method that Chris Walas taught us! I do some things different, and I sure do like to have different hair!

(The girl in front is not one I made. She is Dept. 56 but Santa needed somone to hand the candy cane too!)
Hope you like it!


Hey Guys!

I have almost finished another figure! It is the first I have done in over a year!

I know that there are lots of flaws, but it was a lot harder to have to keep stopping to figure out what Jason needed! now I use the normal Walas way of making her! ( big suprise there huh?) and I think she turn out well enough to post! I still need to get some better pics of her but have to wait until Steve gets home for that!

Thanks rkapuaala for having this great idea.